Away at Mossley

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Away at Mossley

Post by Nigelbarlow22 on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 07:51

Ok, am gonna get angry after last night's performance.

Minus Jed Murphy, whose presence was badly missed, this was the same team from Saturday and we were back to our old bad ways.Not awake for the first half an hour, defense caught out and left flat footed and a ridiculous own goal that essentially left us too big a mountain to climb.

Second half was not much better, nearly caught out three times playing too high a line and an offside trap and then the most bizarre decision from the bench replacing Craig Ellison who went storming of own the tunnel, perhaps never to be seen in Bloods colours again.

Now I get there is a bit of friction between Craig and Dave but you don't make a substitution like that, I hope that there was an injury,,but I don't think that was the case.

The bizarre goings on at the end with the injured ref at least put introduced some humor into a damp squib of a night but shouldn't deflect from this abysmal performance.

Enough said

Here is the report


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