Bloods 4-2 Scarborough

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Bloods 4-2 Scarborough

Post by Nigelbarlow22 on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 11:16

A great performance yesterday.

The team operating as a solid unit, although Billy Cregg Hassler was man of the match, I would have given it to the back four who performed brilliantly and really apart from the two goals that they conceded kept the opposition to shooting from long range.Hats off to Ben Hampson who fitted in quite brilliantly into the back four.

Up front, as a,ready mention Cregg Hassler played well and Ben Barber's pace up the left flank produced the first goal which was a scorcher from Domaine Rouse.
Tireless work from James Hampson who held the ball up well and was rewarded with a goal along.

Read the report here and a Happy Xmas and prosperous New Year to all


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