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Post by We're the Bloods on Sat 06 Dec 2014, 21:24

What a dreadful defensive display that was. Going forward, we look excellent, but at the back, we're so wide open it's unbelievable. All five of Radcliffe's goals were one on one with our keeper. I'm of the opinion, if you score three goals away from home, you'd expect to get something from the game. If we don't tighten up at the back, we could well miss out come the end of the season.

It's not all doom and gloom though and I must mention the performance from Adam Morning, who had a superb game and didn't deserve to be on the losing side. He gave their left back a torrid time and was our man of the match today. I was also impressed with Killer and Fowler who both put in a shift.

Who'd be a Droylsden fan!!

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Re: Radcliffe

Post by ceeemdee on Tue 09 Dec 2014, 20:18

Certainly agree with those comments. We must get our disclipline sorted first and foremost though because that is also very poor.


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