Today's game

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Today's game

Post by bri on Sat 15 Nov 2014, 19:52

Nine yellows and two reds in a game of football would suggest a game that was dirty and unsavoury, this was nothing of the sort it was just a competitive game played by two sides wanting to win. In the end the game was spoilt by the flurry of cards handed out by the referee, this is not sour grapes because we lost, as I felt Burscough were one of the better sides to visit the Butchers Arms this season and both sides were putting on a good display for the fans and it could have gone either way prior to the sending offs, ruined a good game of football


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Re: Today's game

Post by Motty on Sun 16 Nov 2014, 12:29

Frustrating that our winning run as been ended by a mid table side, especially on a day where Salford lost and Darlington weren't playing. (although of course the ref played a big part)

However, I think Burscough just about deserved their win, I thought they were marginally the better side even with 11 men. They showed more purpose in their attacks, whereas we were slow and stuttering going forward. We did enough to suggest we might nick a winner but I always thought if it was going to swing one way, it would be theirs.

I feel sorry for the remaining 9 men, as they showed good character to get as close as they did to holding out for the point.

The Deegan sending off was a disgrace, an honest duel between two players, which Deegan wins simply through greater strength, no excessive force or malice. Since that's his second straight red of the season, does anybody know how he will be banned for?


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