End Of The Season - opinions?

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End Of The Season - opinions?

Post by Motty on Tue 28 Apr 2015, 22:58

So that's it then. The season is over and we've finished 10th. Second top scorers with 98.


Mixed feelings for me. Grateful that we've had a very entertaining season where relegation has never been a worry.
Would have taken 10th before a ball was kicked. Disappointing thing however is that the players who left were replaced by players of far inferior quality.

Obviously hope now we've got a stable season under our belt and most/all of the debts are cleared, we can go and improve the squad further and make a proper push for the top next time round.

Can't help but feel however that it will be more of the same, with the merits of a great attack being reduced by a leaky defence due to Pacey's system and our best players get prized away elsewhere.

Who would you like to see us keep next season? For me - Kilheeney, Ellison, Brown, Monaghan, Hall, Myler, Moke.
Dogan and Kerr are decent defenders but both seem to have major disciplinary issues.


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Re: End Of The Season - opinions?

Post by SouthernBlood on Tue 30 Jun 2015, 17:09

Summed it up perfectly there mate. Great that we now have a free scoring team, however, Disciplinary issues was a big one for the whole season. Sadly now 2 of our top scorers have left, We need some major talent to come in and replace them. But Good Season, Was impressed.

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