Tactics,players or disipline

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Tactics,players or disipline

Post by droylsden si on Wed 14 Oct 2015, 09:31

Only been to two games this season but we seem to be going in a downward spiral and I wondered if you guys thought it was anything to do with the same tactics we play at home as we do away, the players are just not good enough or the disipline of the players has cost us games with the sending offs? Yesterday we was good for the first 10-15 minutes but conceded a penalty and received a red card in the process. We played a team who scored six goals in the previous match and had killer up front who we knew very well. So should we have gone with more defenders at the back or flooded the midfield? Some of the players in my opinion are not good enough but have played at a higher level and shy away from 50/50 tackles. The disipline is really appalling and with two sending offs in the last two games it is also costing us games. I love watching the a attacking style of football we play on occasions but to be truthful it's not working. After we went two down the inspiration from the bench wasn't the best and it just fell silent. I really hope we can turn this around otherwise we are one of the favourites to be relegated.

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Re: Tactics,players or disipline

Post by Nigelbarlow22 on Wed 14 Oct 2015, 11:02

Well apart from one game, I have seen them all home and away and last night's performance was a replay of so much I have watched.

Slow starting, defensive lapses, a torrent of first half goals creating a mountain that we could not climb back from, the bench goes quiet.

Then we get them in at Half Time and come out a different team, indeed as we Saturday we created the second half chances but this time the luck did not run.

Unfortunately we can't carry on giving teams such a lead, the sending off didn't help of course but the fundamentals are wrong.

We subject the defence to too much pressure by not retaining the ball in the middle third, giving it away too often and being weak in the tackle.

The table says it all, one win in 10 and that against a side that has yet to get a point and who thankfully we play again in a fortnight.

There are some bright spots, like the look of Ben Barber especially when he is going forward, and the team showed in the second half that they can jell.

To be fair, you could see that Warrington look promotion certs on that performance, one of their guys said to me that having Killer has capped the seal on an excellent team.

Here is the usual match report if you can bear to read it if not look away now



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